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Advanced Hair Studio is pleased to advise that this matter has now been resolved to the customers satisfaction.
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Update by user Dec 17, 2015

I was promptly contacted by client relations at AHS and they responded to my concerns immediately and have now resolved my concerns to my full satisfaction.

Original review posted by user Dec 07, 2015

I went to Advanced Hair Studio in Parramatta (Sydney) in August 2015 for my initial consultation. I met Daniel who described the procedures they had and recommended that I try the Strand by Strand treatment. I was a little hesitant at first because it was a lot of money to spend on this treatment and wanted to discuss this with my wife before making a commitment. Daniel didn't seem happy about this and was telling me to sign the contract, it seemed like he was worried I might change my mind. My wife came into the office and we had a chat about the procedure... at first my wife was skeptical and wanted to ensure this was more about the treatment and not just an opportunity for Advanced Hair to make money. We questioned the price as I had previously gone to another consultant who would continue to send me messages only to reduce the price. We mentioned to Daniel that we are very interested in the treatment but only want to have to pay what we need to. Daniel understood but we still got the 'you will need to sign up today to get this price'. My wife was skeptical however I told her that it was something I wanted to get done. We asked Daniel a number of questions prior to the treatment, such as the procedure and aftercare. Daniel made himself sound like he was a doctor and very experienced in the procedure, however after the 'sale', he was very much non-existent when I actually went into to get the procedure done.

Daniel made it seem that it was a very simple procedure and we asked about aftercare and whether we had to come back to Advanced Hair Studios, Daniel mentioned that they have professional hairdressers who will look after me as they are more experienced however we could still go to my regular hairdresser to get my hair cut if I didn't want to come to them...later I found that this was not actually possible.

On the day of my procedure I saw Daniel for about 5 minutes he told me that I would need to come back the next day to ensure the procedure worked. I was so surprised when the hairdresser was the one who completed the entire procedure (I never saw Daniel, the 'salesman' again). I was even more surprised when the top of my head was shaven and a hair piece was stuck to my was at no time during my initial consultation that I was told this. I had come this far and there really was no choice...essentially I paid for a very expensive hair piece.

After it was applied, I was asked to not touch it or wash it until I came back in the next day for a check up. When I went in the next day, I saw another hairdresser who had no idea of any of the conversations I had with Daniel or the previous lady who applied the hair piece. Daniel once again did not complete the check up...all the check up was, was to show me how to use the products and sell me more things...I ended up spending another $80 on hair products as I was told that if I was to use any other product on my hair it will void my warranty. So essentially I had no choice...another thing Daniel failed to mention in the initial consultation. It was also at this appointment that I found out that every time I came back to the hairdresser she would remove the hair piece and re-shave my hair and just apply it again. This was another thing that Daniel did not mention...I am not sure how I was supposed to do that at my regular hairdresser. It was all a sneaky tactic to get me to sign the contract. Not once was my hair checked to make sure it was applied correctly in my follow up appointment.

My hair came loose the next morning and started to lift, I made an appointment and had to go back in...the hairdresser just simply reapplied it...once again no sign of Daniel.

I found the hair piece to be extremely uncomfortable and hard at the back of my head, it was really hard for me to sleep properly and it started to lift again after a few days. I was told by the hairdresser that the adhesive they use is so strong that even if I tugged strongly on my hair it wouldn't come off (not that I tried this).

After a week, I couldn't handle it anymore and I had no confidence whatsoever in going back to Advanced Hair Studios so I just made the decision to try and remove the hair piece myself, which I did. I wore a cap and visited my hairdresser (very much embarrassed) and asked him to just trim all my hair off. I now pretty much have a buzz cut which was extremely difficult to deal with...I didn't invest so much money into my hair and appearance to end up with my current hairstyle.

Overall, I am extremely disappointed with my whole experience with Advanced Hair Studio in Parramatta (Sydney) and how I was misled to believe this product was something more than it the end of the day it was a very very expensive hair piece which I am now still paying for.

So if you are after a very expensive wig and ongoing expenses then by all means visit Advanced Hair Studios...otherwise please just save your money

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $5500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Totally misled with incorrect information, Extremely costly for what was delivered, Extremely disappointed, Would not be able to recommend this company.

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